Many of us are guilty of throwing our old clothes even though they are perfectly wearable. However, sustainability is all the rage in 2021. And you as a human being must take of the environment. And one of the ways to contribute to that is by making use of your old clothing pieces. And here is how. 



Different ways to use old clothes for recycling 

Makeup remover cloths 

Perhaps one of the best ways to make use of your old clothes is to cut off your old tees into smaller pieces and use them for makeup removal. Traditional makeup removing wipes are lethal to the environment and cause a great deal of waste.


Cutting into your old clothing can give you perfectly sustainable wipes that you can reuse for removing makeup. You can wash and clean the wipes to your liking, making them both sanitary and eco-friendly. 


Baby clothes on more babies 

New parents often buy too many clothes for their new baby and forget that they will outgrow them in one or two months. As a tip to sustain them, you can keep your baby’s clothes and use them for your second baby or re-gift them to other parents who may be in need. It is an excellent way to contribute to less waste. And it gives you a chance to make better use of all of the money you spent. 


Cleaner cloth

Similar to before, you could DIY house cleaner wipes. You can cut into your old clothes to make house cleaner rags and towels. Not only will this save you money by allowing you to have to buy cleaner wipes, but it will also be more sustainable. 



As discussed, these are only a few ways to repurpose old clothes and not feel guilty for throwing them away.