There are times when you wake up fresh as a daisy in the morning with a glow that makes you happy. Then there are also days when everything is just plain gloomy and dressing. You have a new breakout, the skill looks pale and you can’t find anything to wear. We have all been there. But you know what can get through those gloomy days, a fresh fashion game that will help you level up and never come down. 


In this article, we will list down all the ways you can give yourself a refreshing look that is sure to up your game of fashion. Read on!



Step by step guide to revamping your look.

Before starting you need to pay close attention to the way that you already:


After diagnosing your weaknesses you can systemize a plan to look better than ever.


Start looking at your diet.

Maybe you are not having a nutritious diet and this shows through the paleness of your skin or the dark circles under your eyes. Balance your diet with more fruits and vegetables because they are packed with nutrients that are great for the skin.


Wear your size.

When dressing up, if you are more likely to choose clothes that are oversized or too tight you are more likely to look bad or even clownish. Start choosing the clothes that fit you best. The best way to do that is to try different sizes of the same dress in the dressing room and select the one that shows the right curves.


Place close attention to what’s trending. 

While it’s true that not everything will look great on everyone, it’s still important to know what is trending in your country. It will show that you have an updated sense of style and you know how to revamp it. stay away from things that don’t look good.